This song was a favorite for Katie and me when we would travel through the West car-camping and RVing. To me, it captures the freedom of living for the moment, being unfettered by a schedule, and following your bliss with someone you’ve chosen to spend your everything with.

This song makes me happy. Very happy. For some reason whenever I would arrive in Big Sur, CA, I would feel the urge to listen to Paul Simon. Something about his cafefree, off-beat positivity seems perfect for that locale to me.

I love the Paper Chase and the dark, beautiful, tragic, and astounding world they write the soundtrack for and live in.

KJW.  (at Pittsburgh, PA)

KJW. (at Pittsburgh, PA)

Beer barging.  (at Pittsburgh, PA)

Beer barging. (at Pittsburgh, PA)

#downtownwheeling #thebenyo (at Market Street Now, LLC)

#downtownwheeling #thebenyo (at Market Street Now, LLC)

#downtownwheeling  (at Downtown Wheeling)

#downtownwheeling (at Downtown Wheeling)